Due to the incredible level of interest and applications in the first 6 months of the Caring for MI Future: Facilities Improvement Fund, grant requests now exceed the $50 million allocated for this program. To ensure the most accurate and equitable disbursement of remaining funds, we are temporarily pausing new applications. This will allow our team to focus on the applications that have been submitted as of June 22. Because of the project eligibility criteria for this grant, not all requests are fully funded.  


This pause will allow us to determine how much of the $50 million requested will be approved so we can share a more concrete accounting of how much funding might still be available.  


For any remaining funds, we will reopen applications on a limited basis until all funds have been disbursed. As part of the Caring for MI Future goal of opening 1,000 new, or expanded, child care programs by the end of 2024, IFF and the Michigan Department of Education will continue to prioritize high-need areas and inform providers of remaining, or new, opportunities for funding to help more Michigan families find quality, affordable child care in their community.  


IFF and the Michigan Department of Education will continue to work to connect child care providers with funding and support to help create the safe and healthy spaces that are essential to the vitality of communities.  If you have not yet submitted an application and would like to be notified when the portal reopens, please complete this form https://caringformi-fif.org/cfmf-fif-interest-form/

If you’re a new provider (original license on or after Sept. 9, 2022) and you haven’t already, we encourage you to look into the Start Up Grants from Our Strong Start. As part of Caring for MI Future, these grants can be used for personnel costs; rent, utilities, and insurance; PPE, equipment, and business supplies; and additional services to provide high quality care. For more information, visit Our Strong Start.


Thank you for your hard work, helping to make Caring for MI Future a success, and for your dedication to quality child care in our communities.  

Contractor:  For the purpose of this grant the term “contractor” refers to any tradesperson directly hired to complete project work including, but not limited to, project managers, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, and handypersons.  

Contractor Registration & Payment

All contractors, whether general or trade, will be required to register in this database to participate as a contractor in this program.

IFF will pay that contractor directly. All payments will be made as a direct deposit, thus ACH information will be required. 

  • Payment One: After the provider returns a signed Grant Agreement, the selected contractor will receive 50% of the total award amount. 
  • Payment Two: Once the project is complete, according to the the Scope of Work, the contractor will receive the final 50% of the total award amount.

Contractor Bid Requirements

Not all bids will look the same. However, all bids, at a minimum, need to include the following information to provide clarity for the review team:

  • Name of business, business address, and contact information for the contractor.
  • ECE business name or provider's name and contact information.
  • Address of project location.
  • Details of the proposed work being priced:

                o Labor

                      § Purpose of each type of labor.

                      § Cost for each type of labor.

                o Materials

                      § Item/material/equipment to be purchased.

                      § Quantity of each.

                      § Cost per unit.

               o Length of time bid is valid (preference for 60 days).

               o Estimated schedule/timeline from start to finish.

  • Total project cost. Include any costs not directly related to labor and materials, such as overhead and profit, general conditions, or insurance.
  • Contractor signature.            

**NOTE - These grant funds can only be disbursed via direct deposit. You will need an account that accepts ACH payments to take part in this grant.

Lien Waivers

Lien waivers are required for each project you work on. You will be asked to upload them when the project is approved.

You can download lien waiver templates here.